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Reminders & Ideas for Events & Industry


Bar/Restaurant Opening

With the grand opening of a new bar and restaurant, you’re going to want to leave your guests feeling welcome and eager to come back. The service and food quality are obvious ways to do this, but giving a little something extra to customers will show them that you really care about them and their business.


Non-Profit Walk

Pink apparel and ribbon-imprinted accessories such as bracelets, shirts, scarves and caps are proudly worn by walkers before, during and after fundraising events. It is a good idea to plan on ordering about half the quantity of the rest of the products, since men will likely be involved, but won’t be wearing ladies’ apparel.

Calendars  Hats  Water bottles

Employee Wellness.PNG

Employee Wellness Program

Your employees’ health and wellbeing are key factors to lowering health-care costs and raising productivity. We have some ideas for you for a new wellness initiative program.


Health & Fitness Fair

Handing out literature and offering free health screenings such as blood-pressure checks will make your client stand out from the crowd. Or, a chiropractor could set up a massage chair set up or offer complimentary adjustments.



To celebrate your eco-mindedness and let the community know about it, you can host an eco-awareness event. Of course, you’ll need plenty of giveaways that are “eco-friendly,” meaning the products not only have eco-friendly material or don’t emit harmful gases and chemicals but also promote activities which keep our Earth green.


Political Campaigns

It’s election season and you’re part of the campaign committee for a candidate. You are going to need to wow voters in order to rack up the votes. All of the candidate's credentials are golden and with a spotless record, the candidate is sure to be a hit. You just need some small reminders for the public to reinforce their decision to vote for your candidate. ​

Balloons  T-shirts  Banners


Incentive Program

Don’t forget to welcome the newbies with treats like desk accessories, desk sets, USB drives, and fresh-cut flowers. Thank long-time loyal employees who are retiring with a special remembrance, such as a high-end crystal award or plaque. A less-expensive alternative could be a luxury pen set in a wooden gift box.

Real Estate.jpg

Real Estate Program

The housing market is showing signs of improving. As a real-estate agent, you’re feeling optimistic and are ready to implement a full promotional program that targets new prospects, current clients and former clients plus encourages referrals.


Sports Program

Anyone involved in youth athletics – parents, players, and supporters – will all need promotional products. Keep everyone happy and encourage more families to participate in recreational sports and kids’ activities with sport-themed branded products. ​


Bandannas  Sweatshirts  Rally towels



The technology sector is one of the fastest-growing markets for promotional product distributors to target for new business. From software and hardware companies to online vendors and chip companies, the breadth and variety of clients provide a wealth of promo opportunities. ​

Chargers  Mousepads  iPhone accessories



Now the fifth largest market for promo sales, the construction industry made up 6.5% of distributor revenues in 2018. A year ago, the construction sector contributed only 4.4% and was the tenth biggest market. What’s changed? The improved economy and thirst for construction investment. ​

Safety vest  Coolers  Sweatshirts



COVID-19 has changed the promotional products industry. In this category, you’ll find suggestions for products that fit the demand created because of this pandemic. In addition, you will also find timely content that helps you stay informed and make the best decisions for your business.

Masks   Hand Gel  Face Shield  Hand Sanitizer



As the second-largest market for promotional products buyers, healthcare continues to expand as an opportunity for distributors. From hospitals and pharmacies to local doctor’s and dentist’s offices, healthcare clients regularly purchase a wide array of promotional products.

Folders  Journals  Thermometer



Hospitality companies – restaurants and bars, hotels and resorts – make up a top-five buyer overall of promotional products from distributors. Why? The abundant need to connect with their customers and instill loyalty. Plus, company stores and gift shops provide further opportunities for promo products sales and fulfillment.

Mugs  Car magnets  Polo shirts


Product Launches and Street Teams

Corporations are increasingly trying to make a splash by connecting their new product launches with in-person fun events. This is often done in cities where “street teams” promote the new offerings and hand out swag to potential customers they interact with.

Car magnets  Hoodies  Towels



With both physical locations and online sellers, the retail sector is ripe for promotional products sales. Think of point-of-sale programs, as well as giveaways to attract new customers and help retailers’ brands stand out from the competition. Plus, online company stores are a perfect opportunity for these clients.

Jackets  Coolers  Bags



A perennial top-five buyer of promotional products, the financial sector is a top target for most distributors. Banks, lending institutions, mortgage companies, credit unions – they all constantly need to find new business and promo items often represent a big portion of their marketing budgets.

Wallets  Key chains  Pens


High-End Gifts

You want to set up a gift program for your employees, but need some help. No worries, we got you covered.

For certain occasions, such as welcoming a new employee, celebrating a birthday, or simply successfully dealing with a rude customer, smaller gifts work just fine.


Campus Store

Are you looking for some logoed merchandise to add pizzazz – and profits – to your college bookstore? We got you covered. Since college students work and play equally hard, only a combination of the scholarly and the silly will do.



Signage increases visibility and awareness. Automotive services with
clear and confident advertising and promotions attract more people.
Banners and posters of all sizes are huge assets.

breast cancer awareness.jpg

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Breast-Cancer-Awareness promotions (yes, all those pink products) have become the most popular of national charity drives. Usually taking place in October, this theme actually provides year-round sales opportunities for promotional products companies, as the breadth and depth of the needs of charity organizers have become exceptional. ​

Pink hoodies  Lanyards  String bags


State Fair

As the annual state fair dates approach, as the event coordinator, you’ll need to finalize the larger plans and find ideas for giveaways and items for vendors. You should consider distributing welcome gifts to the first 1,000 attendees as they enter the fairgrounds. Volunteers can hand out backpacks filled with a state fair T-Shirt, a kid’s toy and customized water bottles.


Trade Show

When exhibiting at a trade show you’ll want to use imprinted products that will attract people to the trade show in the first place, to your booth while there, and more importantly, to your company after it’s all said and done. Consider your booth personnel; it’s a good idea to provide them with matching, imprinted shirts.


Golf Tournament

Registration at the event is the ideal spot for distributing gift bags. Choose a quality tote to hold items your guests can use during the tournament, such as a sports bottle, golf towel, balls, tees and divot repair tools. Tote bags offer practicality and can be used for light travel, day trips or as a gym bag. 

Baseball cap  Gold clubs  Golf balls 


Flu Prevention

Rampant absenteeism takes its toll not only on employees, but on your business’s bottom line. With flu season being an annual occurrence, your company can enlist a flu prevention campaign aimed at 500 staff members. And if you work your magic this time around, it will most likely result in a good prognosis for repeat sales.


Holiday Gifts

You probably don’t know your brand-new customers all that well, so go for something with universal appeal. Everyone loves food. Everyone could use some stress-relief and relaxation. Think about a nice candy jar, or some delicious coffee. You can also consider a relaxation kit.


School Fundraiser

Kids and parents alike love showing their school pride with logoed apparel and accessories, such as flip-flops, T-shirts, and lanyards. Sweatshirts and cozy scarves are great items to be worn to big games on chilly nights.


Wedding Events

The wedding day brings joy and excitement, so start off with fun bride-and-groom hand puppets, which guests can take home to their children. For the cocktail hour, provide mini martini tasting glasses, so your guests can try a few different flavored cocktails. Be sure they’re imprinted with the couple’s names and the date for a personal touch that will remind guests of the special day.


Made in the USA

Now more than ever, companies are looking to keep jobs in the USA. If you’re a family-owned business looking to come up with some made in the USA promotional concepts for a merger with another company we have some rebranding ideas for you.

moment merch.jpg

Moment Merch

Think of a popular moment in time – yeah, there’s a promo product for that. ‘Moment Merch’ is everything that’s created around a moment of pop culture that catches fire. Popularity is the key: This is a growing trend of how consumer organizations use promo products to connect with their audience. ​

Bags  Decorated Shirts  Pens



Looking to ramp up promotional product sales? Sell a wealth of products to the education market, the top-buying sector for distributors.Fundraisers, teams, PTAs, and universities – all purchase a variety of promotional products every single day.

Backpacks  Sticky notes  Notebooks

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