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18" Wall Mount Pole Banner

PriceFrom $98.56
  • Item size: 18" x 48"

    1 Double Sided 18" x 48" Banner Print
    2 Fiberglass Rods
    2 Aluminum Mounts
    2 Rubber End Caps
    2 Aluminum Rings
    2 Aluminum Pins
    Mounting hardware (straps, screws and bolts)

    Wall mountable double pole vertical banner can display signage that is 48" high and 18" wide. These are ideal for wall and other flat surface mounting. Can also be installed on circular or octagonal light poles. Mounts have pre-drilled holes to aide easy installation. Includes straps, screws, and bolts for turn-key mounting. The mounting rods are made from durable and wind load resistant fiberglass. Cost effective professional signage for buildings and storefronts as well as special events and festivals.

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