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Full Color Custom White & Transparent Decals (25 per pack)

PriceFrom $1.78
  • Materials: Choose from four different materials:

    • #7900 - White Polyester (Permanent Adhesive)
    • #7905 - White Polyester (Removeable Adhesive)
    • #7920 - Transparent Polyester (Adhesive on Back)
    • #7925 - Transparent Polyester (Adhesive on Face)

    For face adhesive decals, transparent polyester must be used. 

    Decals are back-slit for easy application.

    Backing up color with white is recommended for a more opaque look and brighter colors on transparent decals - priced an additional color.


    Available in other sizes, but the prices may vary.


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    Call Today at (800) 835-3082 

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