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Sslab JR 32" Red - 4K Digital Interactive

  • Features:

    ⦁ Interactive Capacitive Touch Capabilities

    ⦁ 4K UHD Color-Vibrant Digital Screen

    ⦁ Powerful Processor for Add-on Media Player

    ⦁ Available in Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red

    ⦁ Choose Pro or Android AD Board

    ⦁ Optic Fiber Panel Cable

    ⦁ UL Certification

    ⦁ Remote Control


    The Sslab Jr Interactive Table provides you with all the tools to invite engagement and memorable experiences with visitors. The 32" 10 point touch screen display has a built in 16AH rechargeable battery, and is housed in a kid-friendly outer shell that provides resistance against impacts and spills.

    The table can be positioned horizontally or vertically - you could also detach the display from the base and mount it to a wall! From there you have a wide range of possibilities for engaging with your audience. In addition to downloading Android Apps, you can even upload your own branded app to showcase your products and services in vibrant 4k detail.


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