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Our wine stoppers are made of a premium zinc aluminum alloy, making them a great durable choice for wine bottles.  It doesn't matter whether a wine bottle, champagne bottle or Cola bottle, our stoppers act as the perfect cap for keeping your drink fresh.

The wine stoppers come with 2 bespoke premium white aluminum inserts for personalization.  You can place a logo, a picture or text on it.  Make the perfect elegant topper for your bottles.

If you reuse a cork, it can be hard to take out and harder to put back in.  Why do it when you can so easily use a wine stopper to cap the bottle?

These are the perfect gift for holidays, weddings, birthdays.  They're a great stocking stuffer or on an anniversary bottle.  See our other wine accessories like the winebox or charms for complementary products!

Wine auteurs will be especially appreciative of these.  The rubber rings seal the air within the wine bottle, preserving that perfect balance once it has breathed sufficiently.  Expensive wines can be ruined, turning stale and nutty if left to the open air.  Prevent that by capping the bottle with these stately stoppers.


  • Insert:  1" Round, set of 2 white AL inserts.  Inserts have a clear film.  PEEL FIRST
  • Stopper:  premium zinc aluminum alloy.  Double sided adhesive included pre-attached.


  • Peel the film first
  • Place insert face down on sublimation transfer (mirrored)
  • Folding paper over to catch excess bleed is recommended
  • Press 25-30s @ 400F
  • Cool, peel off.  Slot insert in and send to customer

Wine Stopper (Circle) (MJSY) F-5

PriceFrom $4.99
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